Monday, June 02, 2008

I'll help you pack

“It’s a critical time, but I have faith in the American people. If they prove me wrong, I’ll be checking out a move to Italy. Maybe Canada, I don’t know. We’re at an abyss.”
I'm never quite sure why celebrities say these kinds of things. Are we supposed to vote for the democrat or they will take all of their personal wonderfulness and move away? Vote democrat or bear the shame of chasing away such a fine citizen as Susan Sarandon? Are we to collapse to the ground sobbing at the prospect of Ms. Sarandon moving to Canada? Either way, you have to have a ludicrously high opinion of yourself to say such a thing.
So Susan, this is what I say to you, why wait? Scram, beat it, get lost, leave, make a run for the border, vamoose. Take your self absorbed, pinko political views and thinly veiled narcissistic threats and go. And take Tim Robbins with you. I'll help you pack.

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