Monday, September 22, 2008

Pamela Anderson, famous for being a bad actress with a sex tape, big fake boobs and a series of bad boy boyfriends has weighed in on Vice Presidential hopeful Sarah Palin with this razor sharp intellectual observation. "I can't stand her," Anderson replied after rolling her eyes. "She can suck it!" You see Pam is a spokesperson for PETA and she was reacting to a question from a reporter about a picture of Sarah Palin with an animal fur in the background. It doesn't surprise me that this kind of comment comes from someone as vapid as Pam Anderson, what does surprise me is that it's considered newsworthy, ending up on both Fox News and the Drudge Report. But I suppose this is what we will hear regarding Sarah Palin for the next several weeks. Oh, and Pamela, I saw the video, I believe that was you sucking it. This post is also published here.

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