Monday, April 03, 2006

Careful Danny!

Until Last week, when Cynthia "Mike Tyson" McKinney took a shot at a Capitol Policeman for doing his job, I was completely unaware she was black. At the time of the incident, she was not wearing visible identification, she refused to stop for security when prompted and she has the nerve to blame it on racism. Don't you people from Georgia feel proud to have voted in such a stellar public servant. But this is a blog about celebrities gone wild, so the real subject of this blog is Danny Glover.

<----Doesn't he look thoughful in that photo? Ol' Danny came out in support of Congresswoman McKinney at a press conference last Friday with none other than Harry Bellafonte. Side note, Cynthia was having a bad hair day. Cynthia must be one special gal for Danny to make a special trip to be by her side in her time of need. Lets take a brief look, shall we? Cynthia believes that George Bush had prior knowledge of the September 11th attacks. She also believes that Florida Governor Jeb Bush and Secretary of State Katherine Harris classified 57,000 people of color as convicted felons to remove them from the voting to tilt the scales in favor of George W. Bush. Cynthia also believes that the Clinton administration "purposely failed to prevent the genocide of one million Rawandans in order to install favorable regimes in the Central Africa region." This is the tip of the McKinney iceberg, a nut job of epic proportions. The word responsibility is not in this woman's vocabulary. Danny, stick to action movies and that Pilates exercise stuff, you know, things you're good at.


Jedi Master Rob said...

Wow. I'd be so proud to have someone of her caliber represent me. A hot-headed, irresponsible, conspiracy-minded, disrespectful person who likes to play the race card. Mmmm, and quite the looker. Sign me up, I want one of those.

Danny is a fool. I bet Mel never returns his calls anymore.


Don't forget that "Harry" was there also, with that kind of support Her "BOOBS" will never fall....They have to have their heads up her dress or up their a** one...