Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Ignorant fool

I used to think Ben Affleck was a reasonable guy. Oh boy, was I wrong! This guy thinks President Bush committed treason. Because he "leaked" information about WMD's in an effort discredit Joe Wilson. And, because he "probably" also leaked the name of CIA operative Valerie Plame. First things first, a president is not a leak, he is a source. If the president says it, it's information released, not leaked. Second, Valerie Plame had not been involved in undercover operations for 5 years. She is only protected for 3 years. But more importantly, and I guess Ben didn't see this photo, she and her husband were on the cover of Vanity Fair!

Is this a person concerned about protecting her identity? What a farce. Thirdly, his charge of treason is based on "probably leaking" the name of Valerie Plame and the punishment, in his words, is that President Bush "can be hung". I have but one comment, Ben.... you are a complete and unfettered moron.

P.S. Spell check wanted me to replace Affleck with waffle's


Jedi Master Rob said...

Ben should have been taken to the gallows for "Gigli" and "Dare Devil". Keep talk'n Benny, nobody is listening.

Anonymous said...

mmmm, WAFFLES.

- Homer Simpson

Mark said...

In his words, is that President Bush "can be hung".???

Just another comment:

The proper past tense for the word "hang" is "Hanged."


Anonymous said...

Unless he meant "well hung"