Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Keith Olbermann: Worst "Journalist" In The World

For Immediate Release:

Yes, I know this blog is supposed to focus on the plethora of Hollywood stupidity but when it comes to the fake "journalists" in the info-tainment world of the MSM. . well, I consider it comparable, if not one and the same. Take Keith Olbermann for example: This bloated, jackass of a talking head doesn't even know the meaning of a basic industry tool that he should have picked up on in Journalism 101.

The industry tool: Press Release

Two days ago, Mr. Olbermann declared Michelle Malkin to be his "Worst Person in the World of the Day". Nevermind this is an asinine title. I'm sure this is Mr. Olbermann's idea of wit. Nevermind that there are terrorists killing innocent people throughout the world. Nope. . Keith dubs Michelle Malkin "The Worst Person in the World of the Day".

This is why:

Students at UC Santa Cruz calling themselves Students Against War (SAW) issued a PRESS RELEASE (There it is again, Keith. Shut up for a change and learn something.) with their names and contact information and proceeded to protest and succeed in having the military removed from recruiting on their campus. Michelle Malkin obtained the PRESS RELEASE and posted it on her website and as a result, the students have been receiving hate mail (SHOCKING!!). Despite the hate mail Michelle has been receiving from the SAW members, she refuses to remove the post. Good for her. You see, here is the lesson (Pay attention Keith): When you attach information to a PRESS RELEASE, it becomes fair game to be distributed. . in the freak'n PRESS! No take backs! If you put it out there, it's OUT THERE. The students obviously want to play with the big dogs but want to change the rules when it stops being fun. The students could be considered young and naive but you, Mr. Olbermann, are simply a fool.

Keep on keep'n on, Michelle!


Lone Ranger said...

I don't know how MSNBC stays on the air. Their "talent" gets ratings that are just above static. I've completely programmed the channel out of my system. It isn't the bias of their programs that turns me off, it's the viciousness of their hosts.

Tonto said...

Man I love this blog. I have always thought a blog exposing the famous...you know...those who have allowed themselves to get so wierd and stupid that they actually believe all their own publicity...would be a great blog to read now I have found it.

I have practically read all the stories you have listed. Keep it up! This was fun to read. I knew these people were nuts but I always keep asking myself [especially every time I see Barbara Streisand or Tom Cruise]..."how wierd are they going to let themselves get before they do something about it?"

But that question as evidenced by what you all have posted here remains unanswered and new people just get added to the list instead everyday.