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Narcissist Extraordinaire

As Michael and I were channel surfing the other night-- we stopped and watched a few minutes of Ann Curry's interview with Angelina Jolie. Aside from Ann Curry gushing about how great Angelina is and interjecting how great she is, they talk about Angelina's new movie, A Mighty Heart. It is supposed to be the story about Daniel Pearl. You may remember him. He was the journalist that was kidnapped and murdered executed beheaded by Muslim extremists. Angelina portrays Marianne, Daniel's wife. During the interview you see how strikingly beautiful Angelina is... so one can't help but stop and watch for a minute...

Here are some excerpts from the transcript:

For Angelina, playing the role of Mariane was complicated.

Jolie: How do you play [it]? It’s like somebody said to you, “You know, your great girlfriend has gone through the most horrible thing in her life. Why don’t you stand up and show us what she went through and how it felt?” You can’t. You know? And it was hard. It was really hard. But she was great and she did just kind of disappear and say, “Just do it it how you feel.”

Curry: Did she kind of know that, “Hey, if I hang around, it’s gonna be hard”—

Jolie: I think she did...but I also think she genuinely doesn’t care about film.

Curry: No, she trusted you.

Jolie: I think she did trust me.

(Director Michael) Winterbottom put the actors together in a house in India for hours at a time, and started the cameras.

Winterbottom: We kind of hope that by filming in that house over five weeks, that gradually the actors would fall into relationships that were similar in a sense to the relationships the real characters had fallen into.

Angelina found herself improvising like she had never done before.

Jolie: Yeah. When I was emotional towards the end, he’d say, “If you don’t want me to follow you in, close the door. But if it’s okay, just leave the door [open].”

Curry: Because it got too heavy.

Jolie: It got real heavy. Or it just—something would happen where it would just be like, “Yeah, I”—yeah, something. You just couldn’t handle certain elements of it. But it was the only way we could close doors on Michael, but we couldn’t get out of the house.

Actor Dan Futterman played Daniel Pearl and was working with Angelina for the first time.

Dan Futterman, co-actor: She has that touch that some actors have that. You know how much preparation has gone into it. But in the work, it seems absolutely like the easiest thing in the world. She’s doing this accent that’s not her own. She was dressed in a way that’s not her, and a prosthetic belly. And she’s improvising. And it is the easiest—it seems, in working with her, it’s the easiest thing in the world.

And some people have that, and many actors, like myself, don’t. But I admire it enormously. There’s this feeling of being in the scene with her and also a slight bit of me being out of it, thinking, “You are so very good.”

The movie is a love story.

Ann Curry, NBC News: One of your co-stars says so many mean things were being written about you while you were filming the scenes in India that he stopped reading the paper because it was going to affect his ability to deal with your character on screen. How do you handle this?

Angelina Jolie: I’ve managed to just focus on other things. I mean, if anything, I get most upset because I wanna read a good paper first thing in the morning. And if I see a lie about myself flash across the front of the cover, I don’t think much of the rest of the newspaper.

My question... what legitimate newspaper would have an article about a celebrity on the front page? Weekly World News?

Ann Curry: I think most people have a hard time understanding how you can possibly deal with this spotlight you’re under. I mean, just to do this interview I’m told somebody was trying to climb the fence just to be involved in doing this interview, people wanted to interview me.

I don’t understand this crazy world you’re in. I only dip into it for a few moments and dip out. And so how do you even handle this? It’s crazy, Angelina. This is—this is—

Jolie: You’re really making me feel uncomfortable...cause I really felt it was fine.

For the complete transcript go here. And if you are so inclined... do a search of "Daniel Pearl video" and you can be reminded how awful these extremists are and how much they hate us... Make no mistake... they hate us... they hate the Jews... but unfortunately Angelina and her boyfriend, Brad don't get that.

So... the decapitation of a Jewish man is a love story.... I've gone to bizarro world... haven't I?...

On a lighter note... Heckler Spray reports Angelina plans to take a year off from filmmaking.

So make the most time of Angelina Jolie while you can, everyone, because soon she'll be vanishing for a long long time. And when Angelina Jolie is gone, she's gone - and judging by the last time she did something similar, she'll only pop up intermittently to get pregnant, rush off to live in Africa in a blaze of publicity, try to get as many photographers arrested as possible, call in the secret service over a memory stick, sell her baby photos to whoever's richest and generally be in the news ten times more than if she was actually making films anyway.

Heckler Spray - go read the rest... pretty stinkin' funny

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